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about me

         My nick name is "Anin" and my full name is "Anindya Menur" . It is from Sanskerta language and the meaning is "The Perfect Of  White Rose" . My parents hopes that I can be a perfect and nice girl .

          I was born in Semarang, February 17th 1986 in R.S. Bersalin Bahagia . It's near from my house . I am the first child and I have a little brother .

          I have a happy and fun live . When I was child my parents leave me to have education in Canada . My mom and dad leave me almost 4 years . I live with my lovely aunt in Surabaya and my little brother live with my aunt in Semarang . 4 years pass , my parents is back and they pick me and my brother to go to Pekanbaru , Riau , the one of  place in Sumatera , cause my father should work there . In 1997 my family and I move to Semarang cause my father should move from he's office to Semarang . And I live in Semarang until now.

          I'm in high school now . I school in SMU 1 Semarang . Smunsa Semarang is the one of  favorite school in semarang . This is my second year and my class is in 2.4 . 2.4 is the coolest class and I'm very happy with the people and I have many best friend too . Sometimes I help my friend to solve their problem , of course if she / he ask me for.

          I like reading , writing , traveling and trying some food . I really love reading especially novel and comic . I like writing about people's always do . I like traveling with my family to other place that can be visited . And this what I really like , is eating! I like to trying every food in many place and in this part I always do it with my friend .

          This is about me and my life , thanks for reading .